King's Unity journey

Hello, Welcome to King's Journey Of Unity 3D

It all started 2 years ago. When I got a freelance project for a gaming Application. But, I had no idea about game development. Games were always fascinating for me since my childhood and, after that, The Curiosity of Game Development started raising in me.

Since then, I started learning and exploring more and more about Game Development.

While researching about Gaming Industry and game Development, I came across the Most Popular Game Development Engine – Unity 3D.

By seeing its wide usability in multiple Futuristic niches like – Games, AR, VR, and the wide range of platforms Unity can target from mobile devices to consoles, PCs, and many more.

By seeing its Craze, Usage, Quality, and Increasing demand. I Picked Unity as the perfect fit to start My Game Development Career.

Unity 3d developer
c# developer

I started my Unity Journey by learning the platform-supported Language – C#.

I had previous experience in coding thus, It was not quite tough for me to transition into a new language.

I covered all the important concepts of OOPS in C#, And also practiced multiple Game algorithms.

C# wasn’t an easy language to learn and understand after being in different development segments. But my love and passion for “Game Development” helped me to do it.

That’s how I started Learning Game Development. I started learning game development practically by developing very small 2D game Projects and learning about Unity Input System with different platforms.

My very first Game Project was a basic 2D – Tic Tac Toe Game. Where I used the Loops and Conditional Statements mostly.

As I remember my Second Game was a 2D – “Apple Dropper Game ” and, the third game was a “monster run game”.  Where I learned about Game Object transforms, Important Topics like – Instantiations, Collisions, Prefabs, etc., and many other micros, basic topics.

In “Monster Run Game” I learned about sprite Animations, motions, Desktop Input systems, and, a few about game visuals.

Tic Tac Toe
App Dropper
Candy Crush Game Demo
Snake & Ladder
Carrom KING

After that, My journey of being better at Game Developed continued and still going on.

I have built and worked on Dozens of Game projects, from 2d to 3d, and complex multiplayer systems to sharpen my Game Development Skills and Improve my Game Logic.

At this time while I was learning more and more about game development and improving myself every single day, I started to work with a Game Development Company named – WebPlusTech Solutions.

I used to set up and make needed changes on the template game product according to the Client’s requirements.

3D Games are usually very complex and there is too much which can be done in 3D Games. I have quite good experience in 3D Games as a Developer. 

I’m still learning more and more about 3D game development and sharping my Knowledge and Improving my skills over it by working on practical projects and small modules of specific things.

3D module

After all this, I started getting more and more exposure to Multiplayer Games – Which is one of the most complex parts of Game Development.

While learning and researching about multiplayer solutions I came across many Multiplayer solutions, and started working with U-net but later I realized that Photon Multiplayer Solution – Pun2 is much better in terms of performance and scaling.

I started learning about many other great solutions too but adopted Pun2 in my core tech stack and became proficient in that.

I learned about how server communication works for clients in multiplayer systems, RPCs, Networks, Lobbies, room, Client-Server calls and a lot more.

By this time my Game Logic and coding skill became very strong in all aspects. As I had already worked on many logical, hard-coded games taking my technical coding understanding and logical thinking to a completely next level.

After becoming quite good at coding, I got an understanding of UI, App flow which is very important in User experience, increasing their retention.

As UI is what a user sees and interacts with. If it’s not good enough for users to interact and engage with it then, ultimately users are not going to use that product. And a product/software without users is nothing more than a scrap.

So, I also started Improving the look and feel of the projects that I build using the unity Design System. And I tried to learn to make it eye-catching.

After a lot of practice, I started making apps that looked and felt great to use and not something seems barebone.

Roullete King

In this journey of 2 years, I have not just built game products in unity, But I have also learned to use third-party services with unity in order to make wide functionality products. 

I have used services like Photon, Playfab, SFS, Google Firebase, and payment gateway implementation like – Razorpay.

Learned to implement APIs, and SDKs of multiple different kinds of products and solved many errors occurs around that.

Worked on Wide aspects of game products, Like:- Login Systems, Payment Systems, InApp Purchases, Leaderboards, etc.

Helix Jump
Knife Hit
Carrom King

I have worked on multiple projects from 2D and 3D games to complex Multiplayer Games.

Worked freelance for multiple client projects and also worked on many personal projects in my journey of learning things.

I started many personal learning projects, completed many, and left many due to lack of interest, interest switching, and workloads.

But I have enjoyed this journey of game development a lot until now and I want to dive more deeply into this niche and want to attain expertise in this field.

I’m willing to learn more and more about this field by exploring more technologies and the best utilization of Unity.

I want to make the best products that people cherish using and get impacted through.


The Never Ending Journey of Learning Still Continues...